EGR valve

EGR valve

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  • EGR valve — [1] A part of an EGR system mounted on or near the inlet manifold and controlled by inlet manifold vacuum, which is usually closed at idle and low speeds, but opens during acceleration, admitting exhaust gas to the inlet manifold. Most EGR valves …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • EGR valve position sensor — (EVP) A potentiometric sensor used in electronically controlled EGR system. Sensor wiper position is proportional to EGR valve pintle position, which allows electronic control assembly to determine actual EGR flow at any point in time …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • EGR valve — Auto. See under exhaust gas recirculation. * * * …   Universalium

  • electronic EGR valve — The EGR valve used in engine management system in which the EGR flow is controlled by the computer (usually by means of an EGR valve position sensor attached to the EGR valve). Operating vacuum is supplied by EGR solenoid valve(s) …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • transducer EGR valve — See negative transducer EGR valve …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • ported EGR valve — Operated by a vacuum signal from the carburetor EGR port. The port signal actuates the valve diaphragm. As vacuum increases, spring pressure is overcome, opening the valve and allowing EGR flow. The amount of the flow is dependent on the position …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • integral backpressure transducer EGR valve — Combines inputs of exhaust backpressure and EGR ported vacuum into one unit. Requires both inputs to operate on vacuum alone there are two common designs: Poppet and tapered pintle …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • negative transducer EGR valve — A valve used on engines with a relatively low back pressure to provide the desired opening point and exhaust gas recycling rate …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • valve — A device used to either open or close an opening to allow or prevent the flow of a liquid or gas from one place to another. There are many different types. See ABS relay valve accumultor valve air valve carburetor air control valve air gulp valve …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • valve and transducer assembly — This type of EGR valve consist of a modified ported EGR valve and a remote transducer. Works the same way as an integral backpressure transducer EGR valve …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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